About us

Protobacillus was founded by Gustavo Spredemann and  Leone Simonetti.

We take inspiration in things around us, nature, perception, and digital media itself, and the results of this collaboration range from organic to psychedelic.

Our works has had multiple collaborations with musicians, artists, the media and creative content creators to try to bring out the full potential of each other's works.

  • Gustavo Spredemann

  • Leone Simonetti

 The origin of Protobacillus

While working in the advertisement industry in the early 2010s, both Leone and Gustavo became fed up of the overly standarized and uncreative, constrictive nature of designs in marketing. As such, they started to look for ways to break away from the stiffness that plagues the market currently. They started exploring Photoshop for new forms of visual and artistic freedom, creating highly distorted images which eventually evolved into unique intricate abstract images. In July 2015 we applied this same mindset into the production of animation.

  • First Protobacillus gif Jul 18th, 2015



Shortly after, their efforts were recognized as they were featured on the tumblr community highlights and its login page.

  • Protobacillu's animation featured on Tumblr login page May 25th, 2016

Musical Bond

Leone and Gustavo both possessed a strong bond to music in their daily lives, Gustavo is a musical producer and Leone sometimes is both a Composer and a DJ. both with a unique musical sensibilities who are not afraid to explore unusual or experimental musical genres.

And it was to complement their own work that they started to take Protobacillus into its current direction, creating a synergy between visuals and audio that is bound to blow its audience away.

The future

Protobacillus aims to further develop its combined skills in the future to be able to touch the hearts of even more people with its energy. Transporting audiences into new and excitement worlds in cooperate with other capable creators.