What is a VJ?

VJs are the pros in charge of AV syncing in live events. Learn more about VJs and their work in this article.

The visual aspect of a live event or show is as important as the music itself or the performance. The VJ is the one responsible for inducing the public into a deeper immersion through the manipulation of images in sync to the beat, raising the audience's connection to the music and, in turn, to the dance floor.

Commonly, when talking about VJs, the first image to come to people's minds is one of a rad MTV host type full of attitude. That, however, is a common misconception as a VJs work is quite different to that of a TV show host. With that out of the way, how about we really dive into what's a VJ and what do they do?


What is a VJ?

VJ is how we call the artistic practices related to real time visuals in live performances. It stands for Video Jockey and a VJ is the profession in charge of the showing of live visuals in live events.

What does a VJ do?

VJ is the person who sets the visual experience of a live event, party, show or presentation. There are many different types of VJs out there and as such they can be categorized into different groups such as Basic, Producer and Showman. Keep reading to find out more about their characteristics.

Showman VJ

It's the kind of professional VJ who accompanies artists and musical attractions while using a pre-existing image data bank, acting within a standardized chronology.

Basic VJ

The basic VJ is the professional who is hired to work alongside any artist or attraction and uses abstract graphism that evolve and mutate accordingly to the music and rhythm being played.

VJ Producer

These are the VJs who is capable of creating their own original visual contents and customize it for different situations. Producer VJs do live shows and their deliveries follow the ordered tech specs, the musical presentation and the mapping required for the venue, delivering their visual mixes in real time.

One has to keep in mind that every event is a unique universe and the pro VJs are responsible for the audience’s experience. They are the artists forming a connection between music and visuals, you can always count on a good VJ to make your show fire!

How to work as a VJ?

To get VJing job, you gotta have some computer knowledge as VJing is basically a video editing artist. Check out below a list of important skills to make it as a VJ:

-you gotta know how to adapt to the different settings and formations of screens and projectors.

-the sensibilities to interpret and reproduce the sensations that the DJ or artist is trying to express to the public, adapting to the context.

-strive to complement and enhance the work of the DJ and/or performer

-Understand the needs of the project so the mixing doesn’t clash with elements such as the lighting or the environment

-Understand video specs such as formats, resolutions and more ( read the article for more information )

-knowledge of apps/programs and their uses

-color theory and lighting basics

-extra equipment such as cables, plugs and adapters.


What’s a DVJ?

DVJ is VJ DJ, someone who can pact out both parts at the same time. Unlike regular VJs, DVJs are DJs or VJs that blend the art of both mediums, thus creating boundless synergetic presentations.

Where to find VJ materials?

Overall, the possibilities for using VJ loops in live performances are endless. Whether you're using them as background visuals, visual accompaniments to music, or as the main attraction, VJ loops can be a powerful and creative tool for enhancing the overall atmosphere and impact of your performances. For a wide selection of high-quality VJ loops and other equipment, be sure to check out!

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